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Embroidery Art of Jenny Gao

Sun 29 Aug 2021 09:00 am to Thu 30 Sep 2021 05:00 pm

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  • Queensland Multicultural Centre 102 Main Street Kangaroo Point, QLD 4169
Embroidery is refined handmade art with needle as pen and thread as ink. Hand-made embroidery art is a form of artistic re-creation.

The ingenuity of the craftsmanship travels along with the threading of the needle and the spun yarn. The passing of the times cultivates the artist’s mind. It brings people spiritual enjoyment and insights to life.

Jenny’s embroidery artworks use natural silk thread. One silk thread can be split into 16 threads, and each thread can be further split into another 3 threads, which is much finer than human hair. This requires high quality silk thread and superb thread splitting skill.

Under the shinning of light, the unique mercerized fluidity and glorious visual effects of embroidered artworks are unmatched by other art forms.
Jenny Gao immigrated to Brisbane, Australia in 2015, and founded her first embroidery school and art gallery in August of the same year. It has grown a great reputation since its establishment.

Jenny has also held many embroidery seminars and personal exhibitions at various multicultural events in Australia. Through her passion of the art and drive to share her knowledge, Jenny has made an outstanding contribution to Australia's multicultural development.

Jenny’s embroidery works break through tradition and incorporates both innovative and ancient oriental embroidery elements. Since coming to Australia, Jenny’s artworks have highlighted Australia's unparalleled natural scenery and multicultural humanistic society.

Jenny uses some modern painting techniques and ideas to present her feelings and perspective on nature and environmental protection with her own embroidery techniques. Through her own creativeness, Jenny combines Chinese embroidery skills with the essence of Western art to create works that touch deep into the soul.