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Ipswich Starting School Adventure Day

Mon 17 Jun 2019 02:55 pm to 02:55 pm

  • Free
  • Bundamba State School 221 Brisbane Road Bundamba
Starting School Adventure Day will be held this year one on the 15th June at Richlands Community Centre, 57 Old Progress Road, Richlands from 10am-1pm and other on the 27th July at Bundamba State School 221 Brisbane Road Bundamba from 11am -2pm. We would appreciate if you could advertise these important events.

Transition to School is a partnership program between Mission Australia Communities for Children (Inala to Ipswich) and C&K. The Ready Together-Transition to School Program is funded by the Department of Social Services under the Communities for Children initiative. C&K has been a Mission Australia Communities for Children (CfC) (Inala to Ipswich) community partner since 2006. The explicit aim is to reduce the ongoing early childhood developmental vulnerability of children and from a C&K perspective to ensure all children have pathways from home to kindy and to school.
The Start School Adventure Day is one pathway to support, nature and excite families.

Why Starting School Adventure Day important?
Transition to school is the most important milestone in a person life. Transition to primary school can be both an exciting and stressful time for children and their parents. A successful transition to primary school can can impact on future transition of a child with vulnerable children and their families contribute to a child’s social, academic and emotional outcomes and as well as a child’s well-being and educational achievements (Hirst etal., 2010; Larson, 2010; Sanagavarapu, 2010; Rous et al., 2007).
Research has shown that the most successful transition supports are those where there is a strong collaboration among the student, the school, families and other stakeholders (Sitlington et al., 2010). Good quality transition practice includes effective communication among all stakeholders., effective communication of information may go a long way in empowering the parents and allaying their fears (Hirst et al., 2011). Student should be introducing to and allowed to experience the new environment in advance. This will provide a sense of familiarity to students and assist staff in assessing both the student and the new environment to determine the support that the student will require in order to be successful (Stradova & Cumming, 2014).
One cannot overestimate the value of quality transition planning and support. The time of transition are frequently challenging for all people. If the interaction and links between all involved are supportive and strong, this will likely have a positive impact on a student’s development (Strnadova & Cuming 2016).
Thank you in advance for your understanding and support for Starting School Adventure Day. If you have any enquires please not hesitate to contact myself on 0407749124 or email, [email protected]

Madonna Cash
Transition to School Program Coordinator