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One Mile & Leichhardt Recycling Movement

Thu 9 Jun 2022 to Sun 31 Jul 2022

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Join the One Mile & Leichhardt recycling movement. We're looking to collect 22,986 recyclable bottles and cans for the Ipswich RSL Youth and Community. This is so they can purchase a trailer to transport their instruments from gig to gig. Why 22,986 bottles and cans? Because when you lay them side-by-side, you get… wait for it… one mile. You can participate in three easy steps.
Step 1 - Place your recyclables in bags or boxes we can take away.
Step 2 - SMS your address to 0411 469 648. We'll let you know the next pickup time, or you can deliver to our Leichhardt hub.
Step 3 - On the day of collection, leave your boxes/bags near your letterbox or at a pre-agreed location.