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The Matrix Resurrections Trailer is here

The Matrix 4 Resurrections trailer is finally here and boy is there a lot to unpack.

Firstly, unlike the original films, we now see the Matrix in full colour instead of the green tones.

This can be explained but a spoiler alert is in effect from here on out.

A Colourful Matrix

At the end of the third film, the computer program Sati (the little girl) helped shape the Matrix into something brighter.

So that is why the Matrix now is so bright and colourful. But how is Neo and Trinity still alive?

Neo and Trinity are back

Well, that's more up for interpretation right now until the film releases in December.

But from the trailer it can be seen that both the original Neo and Trinity's bodies were "resureccted" somehow.

I guess that's why the title of the film is Matrix Resurrections and the fact that it is plural means not just one person was resurrected.

Morpheous is Young

Lawrence Fishburne original played the character of Morpheous but in the 4th film we see a much younger version.

How can this be? In the original film, the oracle was played by Gloria Foster who unfortunatly passed away before returning for the second and third films.

Mary Alice came on board as the new oracle and explains that her shell or appearance changed because other "programs" tried to destroy her.

This leads to one of two possibilities for Morpheous.

Either his image or avatar inside the matrix has changed or rewritten.

Or this could be the original Morpheous's son or grand son.

Old Neo

For a moment in the trailer we see and older man in the mirror where Neo should be. At first I thought this was a CGI mistake in the teasers.

But now, this looks like part of the design. Could the relflection be how old Neo is in the Real World?

And the Neo inside the Matrix is mearly a representation of his younger self?


Looks like in Australia we will have to wait until 1st January 2022 so ignore any socila media for 2 weeks prior!