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Melbourne's Famous CBD Falcons Have Hatched and You Can Livestream Them Here

Since 1991, peregrine falcons have been breeding on the ledges of the 34-storey building at 367 Collins Street and this year's eggs have hatched! A live stream is set up so you can watch the hatchlings from the comfort of your own home.

The three eggs hatched on October the 2nd, with the first starting to hatch around 11:11 am. The falcons don't build their own nests but are known to lay their eggs in the recesses of cliffs, tree hollows, in nests that have been abandoned or even in major cities on the ledge of skyscrapers just as these ones have.


Victor Hurley, a peregrine falcon researcher first noticed the falcons laying their eggs in the gutters on the building in 1991 in which the eggs did not hatch. The next year, he built dedicated nesting boxes for the birds and they have made the building home since.

You can read more about the falcons on their website here and watch the moment of hatching below: