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Try This Cat Call and Let us Know if it Works!

tiktok cat call

Cats are fickle creatures. Sometimes they’ll do what you want, other times they’ll ignore you.

But apparently if you make a particular meowing cat sound, your cat will come to you.

Just ask Tik Tok user peppermintsoap, whose video has had more than 9 million views.

She doesn't own a cat, so she just walked outside and made the sound.

Cue a street full of felines, their eyes glowing in the dark night like a bunch of demons.


if you want a cat use this sound #catsoftiktok #cat #kittens #leucadiacollective

♬ Kucing - Aೄจุ๊บ

Totally creepy if you ask me, but at least they’re social distancing. Good cats!

The video didn’t show what happened next though. Is there a sound to make cats go away?

Try the cat sound and let us know what happens!

Image: Tik Tok/peppermintsoap