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Clumsy Albatross Face Plants as it Lands

An albatross in New Zealand has crash landed ungraciously in front of a webcam, going viral and giving the world a sweet giggle.

Thankfully it wasn’t hurt. Except maybe its pride…

The footage above was captured as part of a 24-hour livestream of an albatross nest near Dunedin at the bottom of the South Island of New Zealand during breeding season.

The hilarious video shows a little fluffy white chick just hanging out when suddenly from the left a larger albatross flies in but tumbles as it hits the ground. It does a sort of somersault before landing on its back and you can its legs pedalling in the air as it tries to right itself.

It soon does, giving the chick a lesson in how not to land, or perhaps the perils of flying in windy conditions.

The webcam is focused on the nest of two birds, called LGK and LGL, who hatched their egg at the end of January.

The video uploader, Lady Hawk, said the bird that crashed was an adolescent non breeder, not a parent. “They still need to practice on those landings,” she wrote in the comments. “They have great flying ability and can fly around the world with barely flapping their wings but on land they are clumsy and awkward lol They need those sea legs to kick in!”

The poor bird had no say in going viral for all the right reasons, but we enjoyed the laugh. And it’s even better in slow motion - have a watch again: