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Epic Footage of a Drone Flying Through a Bowling Alley

A drone flies into a bar… no, it’s not a switch on the classic joke.

A video shot in a Minneapolis bowling alley is being hailed an “instant classic” for its amazing cinematography.

The 87 second video is done in a single take - no cutting, no CGI - and gives an epic first-person ride through Bryant Lake Bowl.

The footage will have you ducking and weaving as the drone flies through the front door, circles over the lanes and even goes into the small space where the machines pick up the pins.

Best of all, you’ll experience what it’s like to make a strike as the drone crashes into the pins!

Everything is timed perfectly and sound is edited on top of the footage, letting you overhear conversations from patrons as they bowl, drink and talk about the game.

There’s even a nod to the classic bowling film The Big Lebowski where the drone flies through a man's legs as he polishes his ball around 38 seconds in. There's also the scene at the 57 second mark where a guy says to his partner, “This is bowling, there are rules.” 

“Right Up Our Alley” was shot by drone operator Jay Christensen and is part of a project to rally support for local businesses in the area who are being impacted by the pandemic.