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The Beatles Get Back documentary coming to Disney+

The Beatles are back in a new docuseries coming to Disney Plus.

The Beatles Get Back is a three-part documentary series on the making of the 1970's album Let It Be.

Let It Be was originally penned to have the album name Get Back which is why the documentary is named so.

Each episode lasts a massive 2 hours and draws on a massive 55 hours of content made available to Peter Jackson.

Paul, Ringo, and the widows of John and George all cooperated with Jackson whilst he spent the past 4 years editing the series together.

When anyone thinks about Peter Jackson, the first thing that comes to mind is Lord of the Rings.

But what many may not know is his passion for restorative work on film.

His production company, WingNut Films, took the footage from the first World War and created They Shall Not Grow Old.

This documentary took original footage from the war (some never seen outside the archives) and restored it in a few different ways.

The original footage was shot at 13 frames per second. So the team needed to increase that to 24 frames per second to appear smooth.

The footage was also painstakingly colourised to make it feel like it wasn't shot over 100 years ago.

With an approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes of 99%, They Shall Not Grow Old is a beautiful and emotional documentary everyone should watch.



The Beatles Get Back starts on Disney+ November 25th.