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Watch this duck run a marathon in red shoes

Well this story will surely quack you up!

A duck known as Wrinkle just completed the New York marathon in stylish red shoes - and the video of her efforts is the cutest thing ever!

Yep, she waddled and quacked her way through 42 miles of physical exertion that would put most of us to shame (we see you there sitting on the sofa).

She even seemed okay with all her screaming fans, writing in the post on Instagram: “I ran the NY marathon!! I’ll get even better next year! 🦵Thanks to all the humans that were cheering for me!!”

But it's her red shoes that have caught everyone’s attention. Have you ever seen a duck wearing boots? In the post comments, Wrinkle wrote that her human crew are going to be selling them. We guess there’s a big market for duck shoes because lots of people have pet ducks. (We want to meet all these pet ducks! Show us!)

Here's a close up of those awesome red shoes:

Even more impressive, Wrinkle’s Instagram bio says she’s a time traveller, though we haven’t worked out the connection yet, but it looks like she has a full life doing lots of fun things with her humans.

She's getting more and more famous... so we expect to see her in a Netflix duckumentary very soon!

Check out some of her adventures, and if you feel like you need more ducks in your life, then you'll definitely want to follow her on her socials.