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Deathloop Delay - The PS5 Exclusive Pushed Back Again

It seems the Next Generation consoles were rushed out with very limited releases available for them and yet another game that was set for release with the PS5 has been pushed back again.

The studio behind the accliamed "Dishonored" series, Bethesda’s Arkane Studio announced that its PS5 timed exclusive shooter “Deathloop” has been delayed by a further three months and will now release September 14th instead.

The timed exclusive agreement is said to be on PS5 one year before moving to Xbox and PC.

The stylised first person shooter game was originally supposed to be a launch day title for Sony's PS5 before it was pushed to a May release and now moved again to September.

The reason given is a pretty standard one in the current environment as the team needs more time to further polish the game and bring it to life following COVID-19-related delays.

The delay comes in the wake of Microsoft’s acquisition of Bethesda and an announcement that moving forward (beyond the existing agreements) Bethesda titles will be Game Pass exclusives for Xbox and PC.