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Suit up as the DC Super Hero Girls and save Metropolis

 The superhero popularity train is not slowing down and now Nintendo Switch players can join the fight as Wonder Woman, Supergirl and Batgirl in a new title called "DC Super Hero Girls: Teen Power".

In the game, you must save the city of Metropolis from the clutches of a group of mischievous DC Super-Villains, all while keeping up with social life as a teenager at Metropolis High School.

The gameplay battles are all about executing combo attacks and using the game’s intuitive controls makes that really easy. Each character also has a wide array of unique abilities, tailored specifically to the six superheroes you can play as.

Wonder Woman uses her warrior skills with the Lasso of Truth and Flying Shield, Supergirl has Heat Vision and Super-Breath, and Batgirl can invent crime-fighting gadgets like the Bat-Hook.


Harley Quinn (who is more "hero" these days than a villain) can use her Spring Spree mega-jump with glee to cause some mischief while Catwoman’s (another villain/hero) "Cat Dance" ability can be used to scratch off foes as the skilled jewel thief or trap enemies by deploying Star Sapphire’s Cage of Love ability.

When you are not in the sometimes repetitive fighting parts of the game you can explore different sections of the city of Metropolis. It's here where the game really shines as you set out to do tasks like rescuing missing cats and collecting costumes to show off your own personal style.

It's a nice touch as well that you can rebuild a destroyed part of the city by donating in-game money to open up shops or place other buildings, these heroes really give back to the community.

The title is based on the fun animated series DC Super Hero Girls and features that same humour and animation style, even if graphically it can come across as blocky and a little too basic.

It's a good fun title and sits well in the Nintendo Switch library of games.