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Fallout 4 - Review


Fallout 4 is finally here and the wait has been worth it.

The world is the largest from any game you have every played, best of all it FEELS big.

The crafting system has had a full revamp and now you can really get down to the smallest adjustments to things like armour to improve your chances of survival in the wasteland.

The story is epic,  but at the same time gives you quality reasons to hoard and gather the relics of the past. The AI companions seem to have been workshoped to the point of perfection.

Villains are much more thought out than previous games giving you more insight into thier past and forcing you into make tough decisions along the way. If fact the best way to sum up the story telling and character advancement since the last game is that this game is “Game Of Thrones” and the old ones are more "Xena Warrior Princess".

Dirtier, grittier and for the modern audience, this game is like playing a full sci fi action movie.

Fallout 4 is a 5 out 5

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