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Halo 5 - Review


No doubt about it the new Halo game is the best multiplayer experience the series has ever had.

The maps are brilliantly designed and the introduction of timed vehicle release is a perfect balancing tool.

343 studio know how to do multiplayer!

The campaign mode is very nice looking, in fact its the first time i’ve looked at a nexgen title and really noticed the difference from the old consoles (must be the 60fps). It's a pitty that they had to sacrifce split screen for that but in todays gaming environment I'd much preffer a higher framerate.

The story is also action packed and compelling. The only issue I had with Halo 5 is that it suffers from what I call the MGS effect or Metal Gear Solid syndrome. The action you are involved in as a player is fun but not nearly as fun as the cutscenes are having.. and why is it when there is a cutscene my character can flip and jump around enemies but when its in gameplay he cant?

The game is solid and very pretty, it’s exactly what the fans want and more.

Halo 5 is a 4 out 5

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