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Wheel Of Fortune Review



Probably the biggest game show in the world is “Wheel of Fortune”, we’ve all at one point or another imagined what it would be like to spin the wheel and win the dollars by revealing the phrase first and at some point we’ve all probably yelled out the answer at the television and been shocked at the person playing because its such an obvious answer.


We’ll now its your turn the new Wheel of fortune game is available on your mobile device and is great fun to play. It uses a boardgame feel as you travel around competing against various opponents or go head to head with people on your friends list or just randoms in some ways similar to Words with Friends or as I like to call it, intellectual tinder.


The gameplay is seamless and the reward system is very cool, it’s only downside is probably just the amount of pop up ads that appear at the end of matches. But its a free game and that comes with the territory.

Check it out, I give Wheel of Fortune a 3 out of 5