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BroForce Review


We’ve all see “The Expendable” movies that bring together the greatest action heroes of all time on the big screen, well imagine if the Expendables was actually a Super Nintendo game.

That's the feeling that this hidden gem "Broforce" gives you.

As you shoot and explode your way through multiple levels you collect more and more lives, each life is a randomly generated action star with different abilities, there’s Brambo, BroBroCop, Brade and well you get the idea, every action movie hero is in there and each one funnier than the last especially with powerful secondary attacks.

The environment is fully destructible and thats useful as you make tunnels in some of the harder boss sections.


You can play as a group of 4 which is just chaos or just solo at your own pace and there is even a level editor if that takes your fancy.

Broforce is the best kind of dumb fun as you battle each level to complete it by.. Getting to the chopper!

Broforce is a 4 out of 5 Game On

oh and just in case you want to see them all, here is the full list of playable characters in one video