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Australia Zoo's Robert Irwin Named In Animal Cruelty Case

Animal rights group PETA has named Australia Zoo's Robert Irwin in its animal cruelty case.  

PETA is taking action after Robert appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, introducing the nervous comedian to a range of different animals.  

The group is calling for The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon to be investigated, accusing the show of allowing unqualified celebrities to handle animals for entertainment according to 7 News.  

PETA released a statement to Page Six, which read "animals suffer every time they're exposed to the chaos of a television set and passed around like props".

The group is also upset at young Robert for handling an alligator, a millipede, and a miniature horse during separate appearances.  

Entertainment reporter Peter Ford wasn't backward in coming forward saying "the PETA people hate Steve Irwin".  

"They still, after all these years, they go after him. They hate any TV show showing animals and they hate animals in captivity of any kind."

Australia Zoo has been contacted for comment.

By Michelle Price