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Morrison takes aim at Shorten on scrutiny

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Scott Morrison has taken aim at Bill Shorten for turning the election campaign into a "coronation tour" (AAP Image/Mick Tsikas) 

Scott Morrison has taken aim at Bill Shorten for turning the election campaign into a "coronation tour".

The prime minister opened his National Press Club speech on Thursday with sharp criticism of the Labor leader not fronting the traditional pre-election grilling by the Canberra press gallery.

Mr Shorten is instead holding a rally in Sydney, at the same venue as Gough Whitlam delivered his "It's Time" speech in 1972.

"Election campaigns are not coronation tours, as some seem to think," Mr Morrison said.

"There is an event happening in Sydney where I understand that is much more the tone of that event - very much focused on a self-congratulatory process in a party hoopla-style event.

"That isn't what's happening here today. What's happening here today is part of the discipline of our electoral process in this country. Fronting up to take the questions which I'm pleased to do."

Mr Morrison said it would be a "close election" on Saturday.

"That is not something, I think, anyone was writing two months ago, six months ago, eight months ago, or even longer," he said.

Mr Morrison said there would a lot of talk today about "it's time".

"Let me tell you what it is really time for today - it's time to create 1.25 million new jobs."

Opinion polls have been pointing to a Labor win.

Mr Shorten said earlier he wanted to speak at a place "that means something to Labor and Australia".

His speech is not expected to hark back too heavily to the Whitlam address, rather draw parallels between the two contests as a "generational decision" facing voters.

The key theme of his speech is a "vote for change".

Climate change is expected to be a major focus, while the Labor leader will also seek to differentiate the "coalition of chaos" with his "united and stable" alternative team.

He will be joined by Labor's leadership group, western Sydney MPs and hundreds of party faithful.

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