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Mayor says erosion has changed the shape of Logan River

(Photo: Thousands of trees planted alongside the Logan River as part of the Resilent Rivers Initiative. Council of Mayors -South East Queensland.)
Scenic Rim Mayor Greg Christensen says sections of the Logan River have lost up to eight metres wide of embankment since ex-Cyclone Debbie flooded the region.
His comments come after Logan and Scenic Rim Councils and private landowners worked together to plant 4,500 trees along the banks of the river at Woodhill and Allenview.
He says the erosion has changed the shape of the river:
"Now that is a lot of farm land to lose but all of that ends up downstream and out into Moreton Bay and that causes a lot of problems for the health and well-being -- both downstream where it ends up as silting of the Logan but out in the Bay it causes a lot of problems with the right type of marine growth.