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USQ launches new space facility integral to NASA mission

(Photo/s: USQ completes construction at its new MINERVA-Australis facility. USQ Photography.)
Toowoomba's University of Southern Queensland is one step closer to uncovering new worlds after completing construction at its new space facility.
MINERVA-Australis was officially launched today as the only facility in the Southern Hemisphere dedicated to providing ground-based observations to support NASA's Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite mission.
USQ Professor of Astrophysics Jonty Horner says it's exciting for Toowoomba to partner with a $1 billion NASA mission:
"We here in south-east Queensland are providing the ground crews for it with our multi-million dollar observing facility that we have got here.
The University of Southern Queensland partnering with NASA  -- 50 years after Toowoomba through Cooby Creek was partnering with NASA for the moon landing -- it has kind of gone full circle".