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Two major bushfires continue to burn in local area

(Photo: Queensland Fire and Emergency Service. Supplied.)
Fire authorities hope today's cooler conditions will help them gain the upper hand on a number of blazes burning in the local area.
Lefthand Branch, Thornton, Townson and Mulgowie are currently advised to 'stay informed' and  'decide what actions to take' if the situation changes.
The Rural Fire Service's Alan Gillespie told River 949's Marnie and Campo this morning that the fires have settled  down but they've still got their work cut out for them:
"We still have a lot of fire on the ground!
So this fire has been mapped out at 15,500 hectares -- so that is an enormously large fire.
We still have lot of work to do -- we have crews coming in from North Queensland today to give our crews a bit of a break".
An advice to stay informed has also been issued for Carneys Creek west of Beaudesert.
Firefighters there will continue strengthening containment lines and undertaking backburning operations along Carneys Creek Road today.
For the latest updates visit the Queensland Fire and Emergency Services webpage