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Construction of AFL Women's stadium to start late October

(Photo: Jordan MP Charis Mullen. Supplied.)
Temporary car parks will be available to commuters at Springfield Central Train Station once works on the precinct’s new $44.5 million AFL Women’s hub begins. 
Jordan MP Charis Mullen says the parking will be moved 500 metres away from the station, so heavy machinery can be brought in to build the 10,000 seat stadium.
"So from the 21st of October, we will be moving around 250 of those commuter carparks over to the brand new facility, where we have 300 carparks along Eden Station Drive.
We will still retain some parking along Springfield-Greenbank Arterial -- also along Southern Circuit".
A multi-storey park n ride carpark and new road infrastructure will also be built as part of the project. 
Construction is expected to be completed by 2021. 
Jordan MP Charis Mullen says the new AFL women's stadium at Springfield Central will be built close to the train station.
Works for the $44.5 million 10,000 seat stadium, otherwise known as the AFL Brisbane Lions women's hub and multi-storey park n ride carpark will begin on October 21. 
Ms Mullen says planning is now in place to make it easy for ticket holders.
"The AFL stadium will actually be right next to the train station, which means that those ticket holders will be able to come straight off the train and to the stadium. 
That is why our park n ride faciltiy will located right across the road, our new multi-storey carpark facilty will be located across the road and we are utilising as much of the area as we can".