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Kerry Shine to run for a seat in Toowoomba Council elections

(Photo: Supplied.)
Seasoned politician Kerry Shine (pictured) has announced he will run for Toowooomba Regional Council at the 2020 local government elections.  
Mr Shine, who was the former Toowoomba North MP, says he wants to bring his 11 years in government and 20 years experience in business to the job.
He says one issue that needs to be dealt with is the rising cost of water in the Garden City: 
"What has been of concern to me have been the recent increases in the water access charges imposed by the Toowoomba Regional Council.
Toowoomba people are now paying $650.20 per household to have their water connected to the bulk water supply.
Now that is even more than what Brisbane people pay and I can give this commitment if elected I will certainly oppose any further increases".