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BUSHFIRE EMERGENCY: Pechey/Ravensbourne residents told to 'Leave Immediately'

(Photo: Queensland Fire and Emergency Service.)
An emergency warning has been issued with residents urged to leave their homes immediately, due to a bushfire in the Toowoomba region.
Q-F-E-S says the Pechey/Ravensbourne fire is approaching Ravensbourne, and leaving immediately is the safest option.
The fast-moving fire is travelling in an easterly direction from Grapetree Road and likely to impact Purtill Road, Garvey Road, Ravensbourne Tip Road, Mount Jockey Road and McQuillan Road.
Fire crews and waterbombing aircraft are working to the contain the fire, but conditions are now very dangerous and firefighters may soon be unable to prevent the fire advancing.
People leaving the area should head south-west along Esk Hampton Road towards Toowoomba.
An evacuation centre is now opened at the Highfields Indoor Sports Centre on O’Brien Road.
For the latest updates on the bushfires visit the Queensland Fire and Emergency Services webpage