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Appeal begins into sentence of teen who hit Ipswich constable

(Photo: Queensland Police Service. Supplied.)
The Court of Appeal has this week begun its assessment of whether the sentence given to a teenager - who hit and almost killed a police officer, at Ipswich - was too lenient.
Constable Peter McAulay (pictured above) sustained permanent injuries after he was struck by a car being driven by the then 16 year old driver in Booval last year.
The teen's due to be released next March after serving 18 month.
The Police Union's Shayne Maxwell says they are hopeful of the outcome:
"I believe we've got a fair hearing, I believe there is a good chance that the three Supreme Court judges will increase the sentencing.
If it still remains the same, we can look at legislation because I believe the community wants  legislation to change where the offenders are appropriately sentenced".