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"Months or more " before compo - but locals win big in flood negligence case.

It could be months, or longer, before victims of the 2011 floods get compensation - despite a judge finding in their favour in a billion-dollar class action.

Almost 7000 Queenslanders have won a class action over the state's devastating 2011 floods, with a judge finding they were victims of negligence.

NSW Supreme Court Justice Robert Beech-Jones has found in favour of 6800 claimants who sued the Queensland government, Seqwater and Sunwater over the scale of the disaster.

Justice Beech-Jones has accepted that engineers tasked with managing the Wivenhoe and Somerset dams in the lead up to and during a "biblical" deluge in January 2011 failed spectacularly in their duty of care.

About 23,000 homes and businesses went under in Brisbane and Ipswich when authorities released huge amounts of water to protect the dams' structural integrity.

Justice Beech-Jones agreed with victims' claims that engineers negligently managed the dams and that they did not factor in extraordinary rainfall forecasts in deciding how best to respond to the flood event.

That was despite them being obliged, under the dam manual, to do so.

Rebecca Gilsenan from Maurice Blackburn says it was a comprehensive victory - and its now up to the authorities to streamline compensation to her clients

She's told River949 that her company's priority now is to make the compensation payouts as swift and fair as possible - and she's calling on the defentants to do so as well.

"For our clients, this has been a long-running chapter, and today's decision needs to be what brings that to a close," she said.