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More rain on the way for much of regional Queensland


HEAVY rain and thunderstorms are expected to batter parts of regional Queensland, where some areas have already copped more than 200 millimetres of rain overnight.  

A severe weather warning for a downpour is in place for the Central Highlands region, while wet weather will make its way from the south east coastline towards the Darling Downs. 

It comes after areas north of Brisbane, such as Caboolture, recorded up to about 40 millimetres of rain overnight.  

Bureau of Metrology forecaster Peter Markworth says the Darling Downs should get up to 20 mills today, although it will be isolated rainfall. 
"With any thunderstorm that value could get quite a bit higher, and there will be some locations that miss out completely,'' he says.
Further north, Central Highlands and the Wide Bay are in for more stormy weather which is on the back of a drenching. 
Mr Markworth says places like Rollerston got more than 165 millimetres overnight.
Meantime, Cairns and Townsville could see a few showers as a monsoonal trough continues to hovering over the northern parts of the state, although it's likely to only affect inland areas like the Tablelands.
Reprieve for drought-ravaged towns 

Southern Downs Mayor Tracy Dobie has welcomed the rain at drought-stricken towns near Stanthorpe. 

While the town is still trucking in water due to low levels in the Storm King Dam, the region has seen over 100 millimetres in the last month.

Mayor DOBIE says every drop has helped.

"Our rural residents have water in their house tanks, the dams in the paddocks have water in them,'' she says.

"Good inflow into two of our dams near Warwick, but the bad news is we didn't have any inflow into the dam that supplies to Stanthorpe.''