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Local group wants government to act on bushfires

(Queensland Fire and Emergency Services. Supplied.)
A Toowoomba bushfire action group is calling on all levels of government to put in strategies to protect the region against devastating bushfires.
It comes after the Pechey bushfire (pictured above), north of Toowoomba, forced schools, businesses and residents to flee as firefighters battled to contain the massive blaze last year.
Toowoomba Escarpment and Bushland Action Group spokesperson Graham Higgins says it's time for policians to stop saying it's too hard:
"There is a lot that can be done, fire breaks that can be built, vegetation management strategies that can be put in place.
It is not about saying we can 't do it because of the Queensland Government vegetation protection orders.
It is time for government's to stop bickering about who is responsible and for people to stop collaborating".
A meeting will be held to discuss the issue at Toowoomba TAFE tonight.