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Further cases of Covid 19 results in added stricter control measures.

Further restrictions have been placed on public gatherings, to deal with the Coronavirus threat.

From midnight tonight, only five people will be allowed to attend a wedding.

Essentially, the couple, a celebrant, and 2 witnesses...and they must practice social distancing.

It's the same with funerals, but 10 mourners will be allowed to attend.

We're also being asked to limit family gatherings like birthdays.

The measures mark the latest round of restrictions to slow the spread of Covid-19.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison say we must go down this path to get on top of the disease.

Among the other changes to come into courts will only be able to serve takeway, auctions and open house inspections are, nail, tanning and tattoo parlours must close, but hairdressers can provide a limited service.

Police will have the power to enforce the new rules.

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