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Covid-19 patient being treated in Toowoomba Hospital


A coronavirus patient linked to the Byron Bay hen’s party is being treated in Toowoomba Hospital as a third testing clinic opens in the city.

In this morning’s press conference, Chief Health Officer Dr Jeannette Young confirmed the person is linked to an infected Brisbane nurse who travelled with a group of friends to Bryon Bay.

Dr Young says six people out of the group of 10 have caught the UK strain of the virus, with one of those people returning to Toowoomba.

Others returned to the Gold Coast and Bundaberg.

But Dr Young says there is no reason for the Toowoomba community to panic because the person came forward for testing quickly as did the Brisbane nurse.

“We got to them so quickly.

“We are not concerned there has been significant risk to the community.”

She says Toowoomba Hospital staff have dealt with covid-19 patients before so have the correct processes in place.

The patient is the same COVID-19 case who went to The Ridge Shoppingworld and Jamaica Blue on March 26, before testing positive.

Testing facilities

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk says continuing high testing rates is vital, if the lockdown in Greater Brisbane is to be lifted.

“If we see good testing rates across Queensland and no unlinked cases of community transmission, the signs for Easter are looking good," Ms Palaszczuk says.

More than 33,400 people turned up for testing across the state yesterday.

The Highfields Sport and Recreation Park has opened as the third large testing facility on the Darling Downs.

It will be open between 9am and 4pm today, and 8.30am until 4pm over the Easter break.

Baillie Henderson Hospital is open for covid testing between 8.30am and 4pm until April 1, and Charlton BP truckstop is open between 8.30am and 4pm, seven days a week.

COVID-19 cases

Queensland has recorded three new cases of COVID-19 overnight, including two that are locally acquired and connected to the Princess Alexandra Hospital nurse cluster.

The other is an overseas traveller in hotel quarantine.

Ms Palaszczuk says the result is encouraging but warns now is not the time for complacency.

“If you are sick, have symptoms, go and get tested.

“People need to go through and check that you have not been to any venues that have been listed [on the Queensland Health website].”

A decision on whether the Greater Brisbane lockdown will be extended would be announced at 9am on tomorrow.