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Another day of rain



Ipswich and Darling Downs residents can expect another day of rain on the back of a heavy soaking over the Easter weekend.

Since 9am yesterday, Ipswich rain gauges have recorded 28millimetres of rain.

Bureau of Meteorology forecaster Matt Marshall says the wet weather will continue throughout today and tomorrow morning, before paving the way for Sunshine on Thursday and Friday.

It is a similar forecast for regions near Toowoomba.

Oakey, Highfields and Upper Sandy Creek have received about 30millimetres of rain since yesterday morning, and there is more on the way.

Mr Marshall says a sub-tropical system - which formed off the coast further north - has travelled further south along the coastline.

Even though Toowoomba is inland, Mr Marshall says the weather system is far reaching, bringing widespread rain.

"Generally speaking, the rain is easing across the south east.

"It will pave the way for sunshine by tomorrow afternoon.

"The Darling Downs will clear a little bit sooner."