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Origin legend calls on NRL to pick Ipswich for next club


A former Queensland Origin great is renewing his calls for Ipswich to be selected as the home of the next NRL club.

Earlier this year, it was revealed the Ipswich Jets and Brisbane Bombers, both vying to become the 17th NRL team, have joined forces in an attempt to convince the ARL Commission they can become Brisbane's second NRL club.

Redcliffe and the Sunshine Coast have also been pushing hard for an expansion licence.

The NRL is expected to announce its decision in the June or July.

Chris Walker says Ipswich has been a great feeder for the sport.

"The Western Corridor and Ipswich area have been screaming out for that exposure.

"I think that the type of footballers and the amount of footballers playing in the NRL from that area, I think that is definitely my choice."