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Slow releases from Somerset Dam


There will be slow releases from Somerset Dam into Wivenhoe Dam over the next few days.

These releases are to transfer water to Wivenhoe Dam and may cause the lake level in Wivenhoe to rise by more than 0.5 metres in the next few days. ]

SEQWater says operational releases balance the lake levels across Somerset and Wivenhoe dams.

Water will not be released from Wivenhoe Dam.

Flood releases from North Pine Dam are also possible in the coming days due to forecast rainfall.

Due to heavy rainfall, ungated Nindooinbah and Cedar Pocket dams are spilling excess water. 

Due to continuing rain in the catchment area, outflows have increased from Barooon Pocket, Enoggera, Gold Creek, Hinze, Lake Macdonald, Lake Manchester, Leslie Harrison, Little Nerang, Sideling Creek, Wappa and Wyaralong dams. 

SEQWater warns people to avoid potential hazards downstream of the dam, such as fast flowing or deep water near waterways and floodplains.

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