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Brrrr: Temperatures plummet to low single digits


You might have been reaching for a jumper this morning with temperatures plummeting to their lowest of the year across the south east and Darling Downs.

Oakey reached 2.5C, Warwick got down to 2.5C and Roma just 4C.

Temperatures at Amberley at 8C this morning.

The temperatures are the lowest since October.

Shane Kennedy, from the Weather Bureau, says there was patchy frosts in those areas.

"Some cooler, drier air made it all the way to the south east coast.

"Most places in the southeast will be 3-5C below the April average.

"It is the coolest it has been since October - it is a real sign that the season is changing."

The mercury will drop to 11C in Ipswich tomorrow and then peak at 26C.

Temperatures are expected to return to about average from Wednesday.