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Scammers target new Ipswich shopping centre


The newest shopping centre in Ipswich is being targeted by scammers who are asking people to hand over their financial information.

A fake Yamanto Central Facebook page has been set up, which is advertising a pretend gift voucher giveaway.

People are being contacted by the page and asked to hand over their personal and financial information, such as their credit card details.

The real Yamanto Central took to social media to warn people about someone "impersonating the Yamanto Central page, claiming to announce winners of our gift voucher giveaway".

"Please be aware this page is in no way affiliated with Yamanto Central and is a scam."

The shopping centre is, in fact, running a competition and it says it is "sad that a scammer has pounced on this opportunity to do the wrong thing".

"Yamanto Central will not ask for any financial information or for you to make a purchase to claim your prize. 

Winners will be directly contacted via email in early June.

People who come across the profile are being asked to report it to Facebook and to Scamwatch at

You can call Yamanto Central Centre Management Office on (07) 4690 0004