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Give a shout out to a first responder

If you see a first responder out today, stop and thank them for the incredible work they do on behalf of the community.

Today is all about showing gratitude for the region's hardworking paramedics, police, firies and SES to mark First Responders Day.

There's more than 35,000 Rural Fire Service and SES members in Queensland, who attend emergency situations such as search and rescues and bushfires.

Rural Fire Service Superintendant Alan Gillespie, on the ground during the massive Gold Coast Hinterland bushfires in 2020, says being a first responder is all about the community.

"It's about sacrificing their time ... and time with their families to go out and help their neighbour," he says.

Ipswich police Senior Sergeant Troy Hamilton says it's a privilege to serve the community and keep everybody safe.

"Every incident you go to is an unknown risk and one of those risks we accept as first responders," Snr Sgt Hamilton says.

"It's fantastic to see some of the true good human spirit that comes out when we have major disasters and the like."

Fifteen-year paramedic veteran Luke Trevethan says while the job is rewarding and the camaraderie between first responders is strong, some jobs stick with you.

"You never get used to it and some of those jobs stay in the back of your head just a little bit longer," Mr Trevethan says.

"My family always knew, if I came home with a few beers in my hand, not talk to me for an hour."

The special day comes after Queensland Parliament passed legislation last month allowing first responders experiencing post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) to no longer have to prove their injury was caused by their work when seeking workers compensation.