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Investigations into large street brawl in Runcorn


Police are investigating a large street disturbance at Runcorn overnight.
Around 10.30pm last night, police were called to a brawl involving around 40 men armed with various weapons, including bats and poles, on Daw Street.
Police immediately rendered tactical first aid to a 36-year-old awaiting the arrival of paramedics. He suffered significant injuries to his hand, neck and head.
A group of men attempted to drive away from the scene in a Nissan X-trail, however, were intercepted by the dog squad on Nathan Street.
Seven men, aged between 22 and 38, were taken into custody. An eighth man was tracked, located and arrested in Cactus Street.
All men have since been released as investigations continue.
Eight men, including the 36-year-old man, were transported to hospital with varying injuries.
Anyone with information about the disturbance, or who can identify those involved, are encouraged to come forward and speak with police.
(Photo: Queensland Police Service. Supplied.)