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Authorities concerned over 'very high fire danger' for Ipswich


Fire authorities are warning locals to be careful due to a very high fire danger forecast for Ipswich and the southeast today.

Superintendent Alan Gillespie from the Rural Fire Service says the onset of southwesterly winds today combined with dry conditions and low humidity could be a recipe for dangerous bushfires.

He warns property owners who've been issued permits can't use them until conditions improve and be extra careful not to start a fire outside including while welding or mowing. 


"If you've got a permit to light a fire don't activate it today," Mr Gillespie told Marnie and Campo.

"You can't anyway because you'd be in breach of the permit.

"If you're out in your paddock or out in the bush just be really careful.

"Anything can create a spark that can potentially create a problem for us."

Fireys are most concerned about Ipswich and Logan areas today.

"We do have an arsonist working up at the top end of the Brisbane Valley at the moment," Mr Gillespie says.

"They've lit several fires over the last couple of days that we've been dealing with."


Image: Queensland Fire and Emergency Services