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Locals wake to chilly temps as winter makes a comeback


Just when you thought we'd seen the last of winter, temperatures have plummeted this morning.

The mercury dipped to 1.1°C at Amberly around 6am, Toowoomba reached 4.8°C.

The coldest temp was recorded at Oakey, which hit a chilly -0.4°C.

Meteorologist at the Bureau of Meteorology Helen Reid says temperatures several degrees below average have been recorded right across the south east.

"It's about, in some places, even five degrees below average for this time of year.

"Toowoomba is 3°C down on what you'd expect, Oakey is five°C down on what you'd expect and even towards the coast it was several degrees below," says Ms Reid.

She tells us what is causing the chilly temps.

"We've had some really clear air, there's been no cloud, there was a little bit of a blanket overnight and we've also had a change in air mass in the last day or two.

"That's brought through some much dryer air and without the humidity in the air it means that the overnight temperatures can get that bit lower, and also the winds have dropped off just a little bit over the land as well."

Keep those jumpers handy

Ms Reid says we probably shouldn't pack away those winter woollies away just yet.

"We are still expecting a bit of a chill in the air tomorrow morning.

"It will take a day or two for that frostiness to really dissipate but by the time we get to the weekend we're expecting it to be pretty much business as usual again.

"Maybe if you want to optimistic and say 'winter is done', you can pack away in time for the weekend, but there may still just be another cold snap.

"We often catch one or two through spring," she says.