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Baby zebra welcomed at Darling Downs zoo


A new baby zebra has been born at the Darling Downs Zoo as part of a world-wide breeding program.

The foal was born last week. She has wasted no time getting on her feet and racing around her enclosure.

Co-Owner Stephanie Robinson has been named Zaphyra, which she says is only fitting for such a “lively” foal.

“It means ‘brilliant’, and she’s a goer.

“She is very lively; a very strong baby.”


The zoo made history in 2017, when it welcomed the first zebra foal to be born in Queensland. This is the fourth baby by Zaphyra’s mother.

Ms Robinson says Zaphyra’s birth was highly anticipated, with the average pregnancy term lasting about 13 months for zebras.

The public can now visit Zaphyra at the zoo.