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Lockyer Valley Council against banning unvaxxed from its facilities


A Lockyer Valley councillor says the council will not ban unvaccinated people from public libraries, galleries and swimming pools unless forced to by the State Government..

Councillor Janice Holstein says that council has received quite a bit of correspondence from people expressing their dissatisfaction with the Queensland Government's December 17 mandates.

She says the council will only introduce the mandates if it's legislated and they have no other option.

“Our position is that we do not support our facilities being mandated for only vaccinated individuals,” Cr Holstein says.

“We believe all residents should have the opportunity to go to council owned facilities regardless of their vaccination status.”



State Lockyer MP James McDonald wants clarification from the Queensland government on bans for unvaccinated people from public council facilities.

"I know how difficult this is going to be to police," he says.

"It's very clear the higher vaccination rates the less impact on our health system.

"But you still have to cater to people who have made that personal, medical or religious choice.

"We live in a free country. Let's not use fear, let's provide hope to people."

On the Queensland Health website it states: "We are currently working with local governments to establish what restrictions may need to be placed on local government facilities".

Cr Holstein says the council is reluctant to enforce a vaccination policy for employees.

“Is that something we as a council want to force our staff to be vaccinated to work in our library or art gallery? No we don’t,” she says.

“We want to be one community regardless of your vaccination status.”

Cr Holstein says if the State Government makes it law for employees working at public libraries, swimming pools and other council-owned sites to get the jab, the council won’t have a choice but to enforce the mandate.

“Councils' will have no choice,” she says.

“I don’t think as a council we should have any mandates on our council facilities on vaccination,” she says.

“It’s a personal choice.”

Cr Holstein says the council has written to Mr McDonald regarding the issue.

Mr McDonald says that the correspondence he received from the council from concerned ratepayers has been forwarded to the government.
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