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Three unvaxxed Victorians test positive to covid in Queensland


Three unvaccinated Victorian travellers have tested positive to COVID-19 in Queensland as Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk pleads for Queenslanders to get the jab ahead of borders opening.

The three Victiorian cases were detected in hotel quarantine and there were no local community cases.

Ms Palaszczuk says the new cases are a reminder COVID-19 will “hunt down the unvaccinated”.

“This is a clear example of three people coming into Queensland, and they were unvaccinated, and they have the virus,” she says.

“It’s absolutely imperative that we continue to drive this vaccination program.

“It is safe, it is effective and you don’t want to catch Covid.”


Queensland vaccination rate sits at 85.29 per cent for first dose and 74.51 per cent fully vaccinated.

Ms Palaszczuk says she’s pleased with the uptake in Cairns with 84.9 per cent of eligible residents having the first dose, and 71.1 have been double dosed.

The state remains on track to hit the 90 per cent fully vaxxed rate by January.

The premier was asked if she stood by her comments that the “Federal Government wants to give Queenslanders covid for Christmas”.

“What I would say there is I look forward to working cooperatively with the Federal Government,” she says.


Confusion over why borders may open before the enforced business vaccine mandate from December 17 comes into effect, remain.

Ms Palaszczuk says businesses asked for certainty.

“They wanted a date they could work towards and we have given them that date of the 17th of December,” she says.

Ms Palaszczuk acknowledged concerns and pressures around the state’s hospitals, especially around ambulance ramping.

“I’m advised, since May, a 30 per cent reduction in ambulance wait times of more than two hours. Of course, we can do more,” she says.

“We will see a lot more pressure on our hospitals unless the community gets vaccinated.”


Images: Twitter