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Ipswich flood response to go under microscope in comprehensive review


Ipswich’s response and recovery to the devastating February floods will come under the microscope in a comprehensive review led by the council.

Residents will get to have their say on what worked and what needs improving for any future disaster and Ipswich Mayor Teresa Harding says the review will gather first-hand knowledge and experience of Ipswich community members impacted by the flood event.

“There will be opportunities in coming months for people to be involved, online or in person,” Cr Harding says.

“We value greatly the knowledge and experience of people in the community impacted by this flood, in helping us understand how to improve our city’s readiness and response to natural disaster.”

Cr Harding says flood is a reality of life in Ipswich and the shared goal is for a city that is informed, ready and resilient.

“This year’s event saw a number of homes and businesses affected across the city. It required a full-scale response from all levels of government, community organisations, businesses and individuals,” Cr Harding says.

“We want to understand what worked, what needs improvement, and how we can all work together when faced with adversity.”

Cr Harding says the council review will also discuss potential actions to manage future floods.

“All three levels of government can consider ways to build resilience in our community, improve emergency responses as well as consult impacted communities on their experiences,”she says

“We have seen recent initiatives in that space, such as the $741 million Resilient Residential RecoveryPackage announced by the Queensland Government and Australian Government.

“While flood-resilient home design, retrofitting and voluntary buybacks are great actions, it is just one element of what our city may need to be more resilient to future floods.

“The Ipswich Integrated Catchment Plan, which council adopted in February this year, took a holistic approach and identified a suite of actions that would require collaboration between all levels of government and investment in our flood resilient future.”

A regional review is also being led by the Inspector-General Emergency Management.

The council says it will support this review by publishing council’s submissions regarding preparation, emergency response and communication effectiveness.