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DV safe phone charity launches new map to help victims


Victims of domestic violence will now be able to easily find a service that can supply them with a lifeline to call for help if they need it thanks to a generous donation from the Hannah Clarke Foundation.

Sunshine Coast-based charity DV Safe Phones - which collects secondhand phones - has now set up an online map - showing where the devices can be collected.

The mobile phone is often the first thing to be destroyed, taken or monitored in a domestic violence situation, leaving many victims with no way to call for help.

Having a second phone hidden away is an important part of a victim’s safety and exit plan. It also provides security with the ability to call for help in an emergency.


Founder Ashton Wood says they currently have around 60 agencies across Australia.

“We’re getting a lot of people come to us asking for phones directly but obviously we provide the phones to the agencies so they can give them out to those who need it with all the other support like housing, clothing and funds,” Mr Wood says.

“The amazing Lloyd and Sue Clarke from the Hannah Foundation came to us and have a chat and they’ve given us funding to build a mapping system that will basically anyone who needs a phone, who is a victim of domestic violence, to go to our website, click the map and find the local DV of law enforcement agency that is holding our phones.”

Mr Wood says the charity has received almost 6000 phones and handed out 2300 of those phones.

“A lot of the phones that come in are damaged,” he says.

“We’re always trying to raise funds as well to help us purchase screens and batteries and charger cables and all the things we need to get those broken phones working. So, the better condition the phone that comes to us, the quicker we can turn it around.”

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