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Man tasered at shopping centre after allegedly threatening woman with knife


A 47-year-old Lowood man has allegedly threatened a woman with a knife at a shopping centre before being tasered by police.

Around 4.30pm yesterday, the accused and a woman known to him attended a Fernvale shopping centre where the man allegedly threatened her as a prior argument between the pair escalated.

Police say the woman distanced herself from the man and he left the area.

She was then approached by the man a short time later, where he allegedly produced a knife and continued to threaten her.

The woman sought refuge in a nearby shop and called police.

Upon arrival, police officers found the man in the shopping centre carpark allegedly with a knife in his pocket.

Police say the man initially complied with police directions, but later became aggressive, and officers successfully deployed a taser.

The man has been charged with contravening a domestic violence order (aggravated offence), threatening violence, and going armed to cause fear.

He was denied police bail and scheduled to appear in Ipswich Magistrates Court today.