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LA NINA| Rain to continue to fall in local region for days


We remain on high alert this morning as this large system  continues to bring rain to the  Ipswich, Somerset and Lockyer Valley regions.

 BOM Forecaster Peter Markworth says over the last 19 hours or so hours since 9am up to 100 millimetres has fallen in Upper Sandy Creek in the Somerset  but more broadly across the region as high as 60 or 70 millimetres extending from Toowoomba down to the Lockyer Valley and Ipswich.

"Mostly focused up on the topography with rain in from the east but a little bit further west, particularly around the terrain we did see quite high totals, just to the north-west of Brisbane at Dayboro 129 mm and the highest was Calvert Lookout at 206 mm," he says. 

 Mr Markworth says the system that has been generating most of this rain has been a combination of a low up in the North and a high pressure system in the Tasman Sea that's causing on shore flows onto the southeast coast and that's where we are seeing these showers being generated.

 "That system in the north is expected to move south and we'll see an increase in the shower activity through today and into tomorrow," he says. 

The Weather Bureau has updated its warning for minor flooding for the Bremer River and Lower Brisbane River this morning.

The Bremer River at Rosewood is currently 4.34 metres and rising with minor flooding.

 The Bremer River at Five Mile Bridge may reach the minor flood level of 3.50 metres on Thursday morning.

 Minor flooding may also occur at the Brisbane River downstream of Wivenhoe Dam at Lowood, Lockyer Creek at Gatton and Laidley Creek at Laidley and Glenore Grove.

 Meanwhile, Hundreds of local  roads in Ipswich, Lockyer Valley and Somerset regions are closed due to flooding this morning.

 Ipswich Senior Constable Kerrin Sheedy is warning motorists if it's flooded to forget it. 

 "Police are reminding all road users on Queensland roads that no excuse is good enough to drive through flood waters," she says

 "The bravest and smartest thing you can do is to back it up and be prepared for rain again.

 Members of the public are advised to avoid flooded roads, creeks and water courses and motorists are also reminded that road closures and road conditions can change rapidly," Senior Constable Sheedy says.

 For the latest on road conditions visit the Ipswich, Lockyer Valley, Somerset and Scenic Rim Disaster Dashboards.

 (Photo: Bremer River, Hancock Bridge Brassall during February's 2022 Floods. River 949.)