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Petrol prices soar as cheap fuel proving hard to find


You might want to shop around before filling up - as petrol prices soar.

Ipswich and Toowoomba motorists are facing more pain at the pump with the daily average cost of unleaded petrol (ULP) surging to a new record high this week.

Ipswich’s daily average is $2.20 a litre with the previous record of $2.16 set in March.

Toowoomba's daily average is $2.14 per litre.

RACQ’s Nicky Haydon says local drivers are battling record highs.

“These current high prices are really being driven by global factors,” she says.

“We have the war in Ukraine and OPEC production limits – they're both pushing up global oil prices higher.”

“Some fuel companies started hiking prices to an all-time high of 224.9cpl in early June and during the past two weeks, we’ve seen more and more sites lift their prices towards this high, which has caused the average price to spike.

“Cheaper fuel is becoming very hard to find so motorists should hold off filling up the tank if they can. While we expect prices to remain high, they should start to come down slightly by the end of this week and into next week.”


Image: RACQ