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Two councillors call for integrity review into renaming of Pisasle bridge and road


Controversy continues over the renaming of disgraced former Mayor Paul Pisasale bridge with now calls for an integrity review into a report on the change.

Two councillors, Ipswich Councillor Nicole Jonic and Ipswich Deputy Mayor Jacob Madsen, who've now both back-flipped on keeping Pisasale's name on local infrastructure, believe there was serious concerns about the process in the lead up to last week's meeting.

Their claims come just hours before a special council meeting is held today  on whether the former Mayor's name should be taken off the bridge and road permanently. 

Ipswich councillor Nicole Jonic says her plan is to raise the integrity issue at the meeting this afternoon. 

Ms Jonic, who's acting independently of the council, says that the community engagement report was altered and there was alleged political interference.

"Integrity of the data was lost, so we have community engagement experts in council that are qualified to analyse through thematic processes, quantify and qualify all data, including social media and come to a conclusion, this process was jeopardized," she says. 

"I am not a professional engagement expert that's why they are hired at council," the Division Two councillor says.

Councillor  Jonic alleges that an Engagement expert had resigned over the issue. 

Meanwhile, Ipswich Deputy Mayor Jacob Madsen has backed his colleague on transparency issues at council in relation to how votes were counted on renaming of the infrastructure.

Cr Madsen, who's also making comments independently from council, says there was a lot of confusion and stress and stuff going on last week and the conclusion wasn't what people ultimately wanted. 

"The concerns over the report left a lot of people sort of scrambling to understand, where it should proceed," he says.

The Division One councillor says in hindsight council should have adjourned the matter for another week or separated the issues on the floor.

Paul Pisasale is currently serving time in jail, for more than 30 offences including corruption, extortion and sexual assault.

The meeting will held at 4 this afternoon. 

(Image: Pisasale Bridge.  Google Maps.)