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Inappropriate conduct complaint against Mayor Teresa Harding dismissed


Ipswich Mayor Teresa Harding has been cleared of any wrongdoing regarding a council community engagement report into the naming of a bridge and street after disgraced former mayor Paul Pisasale.

The complaint was made after the controversial June 30 council meeting which saw the council overturn its December 2021 decision to remove Pisasale’s name from a bridge and street after councillor Paul Tully moved a motion to retain the Pisasale name.

On July 14, after severe backlash from the community, Ipswich councillors voted to overturn the June 30 decision and remove Pisasale’s name from council assets with only councillors Paul Tully and Sheila Ireland abstaining from the vote.

Councillor Nicole Jonic wrote to the State Government to launch an investigation after she questioned the authenticity of the report detailing community support to ditch his name.

She accused the council of doctoring the report to make it look like the community wanted the name changed saying in the original report there were 7,000 submissions, many of which didn't support the name change, before the final report was reduced to 500 contributions.

But Cr Harding says the CEO decided to not include the social media commentary into the report and denied she had anything to do with it.

Today, a vindicated Cr Harding says The Office of the Independent Assessor has dismissed an inappropriate conduct complaint made against her.

“I am very pleased to have been cleared of any wrongdoing by the OIA,” she says.

“Over recent weeks, I have been accused of political interference without any evidence being produced.

“The OIA has found that I have no case to answer and has fully dismissed the complaint.

“I have consistently and completely rejected any accusations that I acted inappropriately, while no evidence has been produced other than innuendo and assertion.”

Cr Harding called on those who made, and continue to repeat the allegations, to correct the record.