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DEEBING CREEK MISSION: Plans for Traditional owners to lease and manage land

(Photo: A stand off between police and protestors last week after developers tried to move onto the site. Nine News.)
There's been a major development in the Deebing Creek land rights dispute.
Ipswich Council says Fraser Properties have agreed to supply a section of land around a sacred Indigenous burial site at the former Deebing Creek Mission.
Interim Administrator Greg Chemello confirmed the news today following talks in recent weeks: 
"Yes, I had discussions with the Traditional owners some weeks ago.
At the moment, the approval condition is that the land is transferred from Frasers to council and council will manage that area.
The issue I raised with the Traditional owners is whether they would be interested in council leasing the land to them and they managing it".
A full map of the Deebing Creek site can be found on the Ipswich First website